How do I find data on the service?

You can either browse data freely or use the search on the front page to find specific datasets, publishers or showcases. With the advanced search you can filter the search results by file format, license, and other criteria.

How do I find data published by other other countries?

Open Data service is meant primarily for sharing Finnish open data.

European Data Portal harvests and lists European open data portals.

Why can I see more datasets when I'm logged in?

When you’re logged in, you can also see the private datasets from your organisations. Private datasets are hidden from users that are not members of the publishing organisation. Datasets can be private for example if they are not yet ready to be published.

What are private datasets?

If a dataset is not yet ready to be published, the publisher can set the dataset to be private. This can be done if the dataset is missing some information or the publisher is testing how datasets are added to the service.

Note that all datasets belong to some organisation and that all organisation members are able to see the its private datasets.

I noticed a mistake in a dataset, what should I do?

Contact the dataset’s maintainer and tell them which dataset has a mistake and what kind of mistake it is.

You can contact the maintainer via email by using the Feedback button located on the right side of the page or by copying their email address from the Additional info section of the dataset.

You can also contact them using the Disqus-forum at the bottom of the page.

What are data categories and how do I edit them?

Data categories are a way of classifying open data into different themes, such as transport or environment and nature. Each dataset belongs to at least one category, which makes finding data easier.

You can find the categories Open Data uses on the Data categories -page.

You can edit the categories your datasets belong to on the dataset's page in the Categories tab. Select the categories that you feel best describe the dataset and select Save.