I created a new organisation but it is not visible in the service. What should I do?

Your organisation is waiting for the service administrators to accept it. You will get an email when your organisation has been accepted and you can add datasets to it.

If you have not gotten a confirmation email about creating an organisation or if your organisation is not visible in the service even though it has been accepted, please contact the service administrators.

I sent a membership request to be an admin for an organisation using the email Why has my request not been accepted?

Please use your work email whenever you are requesting a membership in your workplace organisation. This way the admins can be sure that you actually work in the organisation.

It might take a while to accept the request. Each organisation’s admins are responsible for their organisation’s membership requests. If the organisation does not have an admin, or if the admin does not accept the request within a reasonable time frame, the service administrators can accept it. If you know who is the admin of the organisation, contact them first.

If your request has not been accepted within a reasonable time frame, or if you are in a hurry, you can contact the service administrators.

If your membership request was denied and you do not know why, contact the service administrators.

Person X no longer works in the organisation. What should I do?

If the person has been a member of your publishing organisation, you can remove the person from the organisation using the Members-tab on your organisation’s page. You must be an Admin-member in the organisation to manage its members’ rights as well as remove members. If the person who no longer works there was the only admin in your organisation, contact the service administration and explain the situation.

What kind of statistics can I see about my own publishing organisations?

What does the regional coverage of my organisation mean and how do I edit it?

The regional coverage defines how large of an area the publisher’s data covers.

You can change the regional coverage on your organisation’s page by selecting Manage and editing the selection in Regional coverage / Producer type.