What does harvesting mean?

Harvesting refers to the automatic gathering of data from different websites to one place, like Open Data.

Open Data harvests for example Helsinki Region Inforshare (HRI), which means that all of HRI’s data can also be found up-to-date on Open Data. Harvesting makes it easier to find data, since you can search for data from one place rather than multiple different websites.

The harvester only copies the metadata and links to data resources to Open Data.

What does it mean that my data is being harvested?

If we are harvesting your service, your data will be copied automatically to Open Data, usually once a day. This means that users can find your data from Open Data service in addition to your own service. The harvester only copies the metadata and links to data resources to Open Data. This means that you can still maintain the datasets and data resources on your own service and Open Data will not have any copies of your data that you would have to maintain.

If you make changes to your datasets in your own service, the changes will be updated to Open Data during the next harvest job.

If you want us to harvest your data, contact the service administration.

All data on Open Data will also be harvested to European Data Portal.

Which services does Open Data harvest?

Open Data is harvesting other Finnish data portals, such as HRI and SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute). You can find all the services we are currently harvesting on our Harvesting-page.

Is Open Data service being harvested somewhere?

Yes, all datasets on Open Data are being harvested to European Data Portal. European Data Portal harvests all open data portals in the EU area, including Open Data.