Open Data service

Open Data service

What is open data?

Open data is openly licensed information in a machine-readable format. An open licence grants permission to use the data freely for any purpose. Open data can be population census data, maps, or even real-time data about the locations of buses. Read more about open data or browse our datasets.

Why should I use Open Data service? Why wouldn't I just create my own open data portal?

Using an existing portal saves you money that can instead be spent on opening data or increasing the quality of open data. The point of Open Data is to offer a free platform for publishing open data for all ministries, municipalities, associations, companies and private individuals.

Data published on Open Data will also gain international exposure, as all data on our website is harvested by the European Data Portal and is thus also available on their website.

Does Finnish open data have international publicity?

All data on Open Data service is harvested by the European Data Portal. Through this, Open Data service, and the entire country, gets international exposure. Additionally, Finland's open data portal is compared to other countries' yearly (e.g. EU Open data maturity, Open Data Barometer), and Finland has succeeded well in these comparisons.

How is Open Data service developed?

Open Data is developed by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. The service is developed with a user-first mentality using the methods of agile software development.

We aim to develop the service in close cooperation with our users. Before implementing new features or improvements, we always consider what benefits the user would get from the implementation, and which of the tasks at hand would most benefit the user.

We update all new improvements and features to Open Data as soon as they are finished. Thus the service is truly developing at all times.

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Who is responsible for the service?

Open Data is being developed by Digital and Population Data Services Agency.

Who publishes data on the service?

Anyone can upload open data datasets to Open Data service. Most of the datasets on the service are published by different government agencies, municipalities, and other public administration organisations. Different kinds of companies, associations, and private individuals can also publish open data on Open Data service.

Who is responsible for the contents of the service?

Publishers are responsible for their datasets – they make sure their data is up to date and correct.

Open Data is produced by Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Service administrators are responsible for removing inappropriate content, updating the user guide and the development of the service. You can give feedback about the service using the contact form.