Operating model for data sharing is now available in English and Swedish

In March 2022, an operating model for data sharing was published on opendata.fi. It describes the stages for data sharing and the obligations and recommendations that should be taken into consideration when sharing data. Operating model was developed in Ministry of Finance’s Opening up and using public data project. 

An updated version of the operating model for data sharing was published in Finnish in October and the translations in December. The version was open for commenting in September. We want to thank everyone who participated in the development process. We took the feedback into account in the final version.

Improvements made to the newest version:

  • We added a summary of the operating model in all three languages.
  • Chapters 3–9 have a short example of how the stage could be implemented.
  • New examples added e.g. to chapters 2 Motivation and organisation and 8 Supporting data users.
  • Small fixes to grammar and links.

Check out the updated Finnish version.

Operating model published also in English and Swedish

We translated the operating model for data sharing to English and Swedish.

Check out the English version.

Check out the Swedish version.

Give us feedback and tell your ideas for future development

The operating model is developed based on the feedback we receive. If you have something to add to the operating model or any other feedback, contact us via email avoindata@dvv.fi.

We will continue developing the operating model next year. 

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