Reference Data

Digi- ja väestötietovirasto (DVV) - Published 4.3.2020 - updated 7.3.2020

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The Reference Data tool is a national maintenance and distribution platform for commonly used code lists and classifications. It is part of the interoperability platform that is developed to support the interoperability and openness of public administration. Interoperability platform enables collaborative creation and governance of national and cross-organization descriptions. Published interoperability descriptions are open and publicly available. Modeling and editing features are available for parties maintaining and developing architecture and information systems for the public administration.

Reference data is used to define mutually agreed facts that are used when exchanging information between applications. The Reference Data tool supports multilingual content and definitions.

The content of the Reference Data tool may be browsed and the code lists downloaded. Reference Data is available as Excel spreadsheets or machine readable JSON format.

Used datasets

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