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  • District heating in the Helsinki metropolitan area

    This dataset contains emissions data of the Helsinki metropolitan area's district heating by production method (by power plant and heating plant) and by sector (households, services and public sector, industry) in 1990 and 2000-2015. Consumption data on the metropolitan area's district heating and the source of energy used in production can be found on separate worksheets. Emissions and...
  • Photovoltaic potential in Helsinki region

    Aineisto sisältää rakennuksittain lasketun aurinkosähkön tuottopotentiaalin. Tuottopotentiaali on laskettu olettaen, että rakennuksen katto on soveltuvilta osiltaan katettu kokonaan aurinkopaneeleilla. Aineistossa on rakennuksittain laskettu aurinkosähkön tuottopotentiaali, jos koko aurinkopaneeleille soveltuva ala on katettu aurinkopaneeleilla. Sähkön vuosituoton potentiaalia laskettaessa on...
  • Energy consumption in the Helsinki metropolitan area

    This dataset provides energy consumption data on the metropolitan area's and metropolitan cities' (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen) by sector (district heating, oil heating, electric heating, electricity for consumption, cars, other road traffic, trains, ships, other fuel) in 1990 and 2000-2015.