Chemical codes

Codes, or value groups, used in datasets for plant protection products and biocides. The codes are: Signal words, Place of use for the plant protection product, Plant protection product permit type, Mode of action of the active substance in the plant protection product, Product group of the plant protection product, Product type of the plant protection product, Status of the plant protection product permit decision, Purpose of chemical (EuPCS), Active substance concentration unit, EPPO code and name of the reason for protection, Precautionary statements, Hazard statements, Hazard class and category, Hazard pictograms, and EPPO code and name of the crop.

EPPO codes include non-standard codes derived from actual EPPO codes. This applies to cases where a crop or reason for protection has not been identified in the standardised codes as required in the plant protection product’s permit conditions. Example of a non-standard code: 3GRLC_3 “grass without clover”.


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