Visit Finland Border Survey

Visit Finland's Border Survey is a personal interview survey at Finnish borders. The target group of the survey are departing passengers with permanent residence abroad. Interviews are conducted at border crossing points, year-round at Helsinki-Vantaa airport and at the port of Helsinki, and seasonally at the Port of Turku and at Kittilä, Rovaniemi, Kuusamo, Ivalo and Tampere airports.

Information of the following topics is collected: background information, purpose and time of the trip, mode of transportation, destinations of the trip, accommodation, booking and expenditure.

In the Border Survey open data set each line is the answer of one interview. A weighting factor has been calculated for each answer, which describes how many tourists the given answer represents.

The data can be used to calculate, for example, the number of trips, overnight stays and information on expenditure. Weighting factors should always be used when calculating information from data.

The data is published monthly and quarterly.

More information available on Border Survey's website.


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