Stara Snowplow API

In 2012, the City of Helsinki’s construction service Stara introduced an electronic production control system, which produces GPS location information about the work done. In February 2013, Stara started an open data experiment to find new ways to monitor and visualise the winter maintenance of streets.

In the initial phase of the pilot, only a small part, about 10 per cent, of Stara’s winter care work in Helsinki was included in the opened data. The data concerned the eastern inner city and Eastern Helsinki, and about twenty vehicles were involved (21 February 2013). In April (12 April 2013), machines used for cleaning street dust were added to the dataset. By February 2014, a total of 120 vehicles were already included in the monitoring, and around 50–80 work machines were permanently displayed on the map depending on the conditions. The service will gradually extend to all areas under Stara’s management.

More information about the winter maintenance of streets:

API description (interface description) can be found on GitHub.

The vehicle position coordinates are in WGS-84 format.

The data has been delayed for five minutes. The delay is due to the way mobile devices send data every three minutes in packages to the server. The location information is received each second when the job is on.

You can use the desired map template with the data. It should be noted that the streets of Helsinki are classified into three maintenance classes, which guides the urgency of the work.

Stara manages approximately 60 per cent of the streets of Helsinki according to the orders and maintenance classifications of the Public Works Department.


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