Environmental permits in Helsinki

Environmental permits in the City of Helsinki.

The Environmental Protection Act defines the activities that require an environmental permit. The Environmental Protection Decree, on the other hand, determines whether the permit is granted by the Regional State Administrative Agency (AVI) or the municipal environmental protection authority, which in Helsinki is the Environment Committee. The data set contains only valid permits and registrations.

Excel file columns:

  • Kohde-ID: ID number of the permits in the Helsinki Environmental Protection’s information system
  • Kohdenimi: Name of the permit (usually in the form Operator/Establishment)
  • Lahiosoite: Street address of the permit
  • Postitmp: Postal code and city
  • N: North coordinate in the ETRS-GK25 coordinate system
  • E: East coordinate
  • Taso1-4

With the amendment of the Environmental Protection Act in 2014, some of the former permits became liable for registration. At the same time, some sets of permits were transferred from the state to the municipality for authorisation.


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