Winter maintenance in Espoo

The dataset describes the winter maintenance equipment operations of the Espoo Public Works Department in the Espoo street network over the past 36 hours. The measures to be followed are ploughing and anti-skid treatment. This is not a real-time situation.

The ploughing equipment’s location data points are linked to Espoo’s street network geometry with emphasis on roadways. It is, therefore, not possible to ascertain in the service whether the operation in question was carried out on a driving lane or sidewalk; it is only indicated that the work was carried out in the street area in question.

Coordinate systems:

  • Maintained in ETRS-GK25 (EPSG:3879)

API address:


  • GIS:AuratKartalla

GIS:AuratKartalla: attributes, data types and translation:

  • alatera (string): lower blade
  • aura (string): plow
  • harja (string): brush
  • hiekka (string): grit on the street
  • Kadunnimi (string): name of the street
  • maintained (string):
  • time (string):
  • timeLayer (string):
  • timeUpdate (string):
  • tyolajit (string): purpose of the plowing


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Maintainer Espoon kaupungin kaupunkiympäristön toimiala
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Created on 16.11.2020